Training Opportunities

Gopher Guides is looking for qualified trainers to both write content for courses and teach classes. We want like minded, passionate individuals with strong technical experience. Check out the opportunities below.

Virtual Trainers Contact us!

Virtual trainers will use the existing technology platforms we have in place to do instructor led or online training.


  • Do you provide the technology to do the virtual training?

    Yes! We have a fully developed teaching platform. It includes the classroom video conferencing, the training material slide rendering, and more. You can do it all from your home computer with installing just a few pieces of software.

  • Who sets the price of the class?

    You do! We believe that you should be in control of the cost of your class. If you need assistance determining the value of a class, we are happy to offer guidance.

  • How long does a class have to be?

    It's up to you! It really comes down to what provides value. If a one hour class can provide value, then that's long enough. Many classes are about 3 hours long, some a couple days. It's common to do a two-day class, with three hour sessions, for a total of a six hour class. However, this is up to the trainer.

Write Training Material Contact us!

We are currently seeking individuals who want to write training material. We make it simple and profitable. You get paid any time your material is used in a paid class, whether it's in person training or virtual.


  • What topics are you looking for content on?

    Any of them! However, the more relevant and trending the material, the more you are likely to make. For instance, Go and React are very hot topics currently. But there are always tried and true topics that never get old, such as git, rails, and more. Contact us and let us know what topics you are interested writing about and we'll work with you to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

  • How do you determine residual payments for material I write?

    We pay out 15% of whatever class uses the material. If a three hour class is taught, and one hour of that is your material, you get 15% of 1/3 of that class. So, if the class brought in $3,000, 1/3 of that is $1,000, and the 15% residual is $150. If you have a trending topic, this could be taught once or more per month, you could make this multiple times per month. This may not sound like a lot, but one hour of material is usually about four hours of actual preparation time. If that material is used only 4 times, that's a rate of $150/hour for writing it.

  • Who owns the rights to the material I write?

    Gopher Guides retains the rights to use the material in perpetuity. However, you also own the rights to the material as well, and are under no obligation to continue training with us, even after you write the material.

General FAQ's

  • Who markets the class?

    We do! We'll provide great tools to allow you to market it as well to get additional exposure, however, we work hard to make sure people are aware of your class.

  • What percentage of the revenue do you keep?

    Gopher Guides takes 30% of the classroom revenue. You get the rest! That's right, you make the majority of the money!

  • How much can I expect to make?

    It can vary widely, however, some common scenarios we have seen are as follows:

    • In Person Training typically runs about anywhere from $500-$1000/hour plus travel and expenses. If you teach a 2 day class at $500/hour for 8 hours/day, that totals $8,000. Less our 30% ($2,400), you take home $5,600. More in demand courses can charge more, such as Go related courses, and typically bill out at $1,000/hour.
    • Virtual Training varies based on length of class and attendance. Let's look at an beginner level training, of just 3 hours. If you set the price at $49/person and had 50 people in the class, that would be a total of $2,450. Less our 30%($735), you take home $1,715. That's $571/hour working from your house!

  • Do I need to be a contractor to get paid?

    Yes. We require you to have your own EIN (Federal Tax ID). While we don't provide legal or accounting advice, many of our trainers simply use LegalZoom to file an LLC. Typical costs are around $200-$300 to do this and takes less than an hour to do.

  • Do I need to live in the U.S.?

    Currently, yes, due to how we are set up to pay. However, please contact us if you are outside the U.S. and we will determine what is needed to pay you. Some countries are easier to work with than others.

  • What qualifications do I need?

    For In Person Training, we require you to attend at least one master training session with one of our current trainers, and then an additional one that you lead and are assisted by a master trainer. This makes sure you are ready to do a training on your own. For virtual training, we require that you deliver the training first to a master trainer for review and feedback. Once a master trainer signs off on your course we will work with you to set dates to offer the training.