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Learn by Gopher Guides

Learn by Gopher Guides is a hybrid approach to teaching Go. It takes the best parts of self paced learning and instructor led learning, and combines them in a format and schedule that allows for students to master Go while still working their full time job.

Why Learn?

There is a significant gap today in the amount of open Go job positions, and candidates with the experience to fill them. At Gopher Guides, we work with enterprise companies every day to train existing and new hires to fill that gap, but it's still not enough. In fact, the number one question we here is "Where can we find more Go developers to hire?".

For the last four years, we have been focused on high intensity, 3-5 day bootcamps that focus on the enterprise. While this has been very successful, it only caters to large enterprise companies that have both the budget as well as the ability to fill a 30 person class.

We know more companies want to train their employees, and we know many developers want to learn Go on their own to gain employment in these highly desired Go positions. As such, we have created this offering to cater to that entirely new audience.

When we looked at all the different ways to offer Go education as an "open enrollment" engagement, we had several ways to do this. In the past, we have offered self paced training, self paced video training, and even online instructor led one day workshops. While all of these were successful in their own way, none of them really had the ability to truly prepare a developer for a full time Go position.

Learning from the past four years of enterprise engagements, we've created " Learn " - an instructor led, hands on, practical approach to mastering Go at the enterprise level, but for an individual student.

Learn Benefits

Learn assigns a real instructor plus a mentor/assistant for each cohort. The students get the benefit of weekly live lectures, mentoring sessions, and human feedback on assignments. All sessions are recorded so that any students that couldn’t be present can watch them at a later time.

Unlike bootcamps and corporate training engagements that happen over the course of a few days to a week, the pace of these courses allows students the time to both absorb the material, as well as use it in additional practice exercises to ensure mastery of the subject matter. This allows for students that already have a full time job to commit just 4-8 hours per week and gain the skills they need to apply for the open Go positions in the marketplace.

Because the founders of Gopher Guides have such deep community ties, the Learn courses will benefit by having access to recognized community members via class lectures, guest lectures and appearances to engage and ask questions.

Learn Courses

Using our experience from corporate engagements where we learned that one size doesn’t fit all, we will be offering a variety of engagements ranging in both time commitment as well as topic focus.

Our most general courses will be offered in 6, 12, and 24 week formats. This allows for students who have varying degrees of background and knowledge to select a timeframe that best fits their needs and goals.

We’ll also be offering courses targeted at developers that have little to no Go experience, as well as developers that want to learn specific topics such as web API, gRPC, advanced testing, profiling and optimization, and even a mastery course that covers a large part of all those topics.

Course Certifications

Gopher Guides believes that our courses give you the skills you need to succeed. But more than that, we want to give our students the pride and confidence that they need to engage with companies they want to work with. Our certificates will give the students confidence that they can do the job they are applying for. It also lets the prospective hiring company know that the person they are interviewing has been successfully trained with the skills they need for the job.

Students that achieve an 80% or above will receive a completion certificate for the course. Anyone with a 90% or above will receive a mastery designation to their certificate. Once the course has been completed, students will have a portal they can sign in to that allows them to create badges for their certificates and can be shown on their blogs, repos, web pages, and more.

Learn Platform

Learn uses the Canvas Learning Management System to deliver the best experience on the market for online learning. Canvas is used by 100% of Ivy League schools. Using the Canvas platform, we are able to do more than just present training material. Our courses offer daily assessments, and based on those assessments, determine if you need reinforcement exercises, or challenge exercises. This means the course adapts to your learning and capabilities. It ensures that not only do you master required fundamentals, but allows you to go beyond the minimum requirements and excel even further into advanced topics.

You are also grouped into a cohort, which allows you to communicate and collaborate with fellow students. You will have weekly sessions to both work in teams and pair up as developers. This also mimics the real world in which you will be working after you graduate from the course.

Diversity Scholarships

Gopher Guides believes that a large part of success to communities and corporations comes from diversity. As such, we’ll be offering two full scholarships for each cohort we offer. This will be funded in a variety of ways, from direct corporate funding (internally or externally), as well as community funded.

Placement Assistance

Gopher Guides will be working with several top tier Go development companies to assist with placement of our graduates. We find that when we align our students' course objectives with corporate project objectives, it creates a high rate of success when our students join those companies.

Why Gopher Guides

Gopher Guides has been on the ground inside Fortune 500 companies for the past 4 years and engaged in every level of Go training. We know, first hand, what type of knowledge and skills these companies need their developers to be fluent in. Additionally, our material has been battle-hardened by four years of constant feedback from training over 10,000 students. These students have a variety of backgrounds, including some with as little as 2-3 months of development experience, to developers with over 20 years of multiple language experience.

The founders of Gopher Guides have significant experience with bootcamp and academy style engagements. Having worked with some of the best instructors in the world at schools like and, they have been in roles from mentoring to full blown course instruction. Our team understands how to make these types of engagements successful.

Partnering with Gopher Guides

We are creating highly skilled, in demand Go developers. Interested in hiring from these classes? You can become a preferred placement partner! Fill out our partner placement request form and we'll contact you.

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